You are either getting or . There is no such thing as maintain.

About Tommy Lam

Tommy Lam is an Educational Psychologist M.A., Skills Trainer, PES, CES, NASM, NESTA.

If you don’t understand, that’s my fault. If you don’t do, that’s your fault.

We believe in

Progress not perfection


Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.


The road to success is always uphill. If things are easy, you are coasting and you can only coast downhill.


Direction is more important than speed.  Many are going nowhere fast.

Train With Us

Talent is given, greatness is earned

Dribble drill

How to fix 3 common shooting problems

Beginner Dribbling mini series

Monica L.

I was looking for a coach who understood that I was a complete beginner. He started off teaching me to dribble and shoot. I learned some drills and practiced them with coach Lam. I can now say that I'm a better shooter than a lot of my team mates who have years of experience over me. Thanks, Coach!

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