About Tommy Lam

As an adolescent I knew I wanted to help people. I saw a lot of problems at home and thought if I made a lot of money I could fix all of my family’s problems. I went to college listening to my family to pursue a career in medicine. After a year and a half I knew medicine wasn’t for me. My best friends were studying very hard to become doctors and all I wanted to do was play basketball. After suffering several injuries, I figured a good combination of basketball and medicine was physical therapy. I went from Pre-Medicine, to Pre-Physical Therapy.

As my body mended, I went back to the court. Shortly thereafter, I got injured again. The physical pain was tremendous but the mental anguish was the hardest part. I suffered a deep depression. I cried and cried. I ate my feelings. I lashed out at people close to me and I isolated myself from everyone else around me. I couldn’t figure it out

Not being able to get out on the court changed me. A giant weakness of mine had been exposed. My mental makeup was frail. I began to study psychology ferociously. It was a new passion found at the depths of my despair. I studied Psychology as it pertained to sports, abnormal, educational, development, behavioral, cognitive, social, business, and more. I learned, I adapted, and I evolved.

I graduated with a degree in Psychobiology (how the brain and body affect one another). And few years later graduated with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

While in graduate school, I got multiple certifications in personal training and fitness. I started to work as a personal trainer. I used everything I learned in the textbooks and applied them directly to friends, clients, co-workers, and employees. I began to actually have an impact and really change peoples’ lives. It brought the biggest sense of fulfillment to my life. From that point, I knew my direction and where to devote the rest of my life.

With basketball, fitness, and the Fourteen Twenty Four mentality I hope to positively impact as lives as possible 1% at a time.

Tommy Lam

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